April 3, 2019


Sweden’s own, Andreas Wijk, is first and foremost a musician, then turned model and influencer, and then musician again. Due to contractual disputes, Wijk was silenced from the music world for almost a decade. During that time, he remained in the limelight with his successful career in the fashion industry, modelling for brands such as Tommy Hilfiger. Finally, just over a year ago he broke his silence and released an album which he slaved over for more than a year; as documented on his blog. The track “Liar” left his listeners ears ringing, and now, he has come back again for more.

From the looks and sounds of it, Andreas Wijk didn’t like being kept in the dark from the music world for as long as he was. This is evident from his steady output of his deeply emotional music over the last year. Off of his newest release, “Peace” is like a drive through the rolling hills of Sweden in the pouring rain. All at once, it is bleak, beautiful and serene; while also leaving the sense of a storm about to ensue. The song features a minimalist arrangement of a slow and lingering guitar melody with a heavy bass and drum beat. Taking the centre stage however, is Wijk’s soft, sorrow laden voice. Sounding like he is waking up after a night of emotional anguish, his singing pours melancholy into the listeners heart. The song is a roller coaster that ends at the edge of a cliff, leaving the listener with mixed feelings of hope, longing and despair.

Stream the whole EP below

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