April 3, 2019


20-year-old singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hariz is known for creating pop music mixed with some R&B influences. He began singing and playing piano at the early age of 4 where he performed in a number of school shows and piano recitals and at the age of 10 began song writing. His classical training has earned him both the “Certificate of Merit” the highest tier of the national ranking of classical music association, and the ASCAP Harold Adamson Lyric Award in Pop music. He is currently studying song writing and music production at the California Institute of the Arts. His newest song “Morning” was released in February.

Hariz describes “Morning” as

“My realization of being in love. Seeing someone when they first wake up, you see them in their purest, rawest form. No make-up, hair everywhere, before they’ve altered anything, and you find your person the most beautiful in that state. When you find that one person who wants to share that vulnerability, and loves you effortlessly, it’s a priceless feeling.”

Hariz’s music contains expressive, evoking, moody, groove-injecting synths and his melodies and lyrics are catchy, captivating and honest. His new song “Morning” displays upbeat melodies coupled with vocals showcasing the raw emotion of his lyrics.

The new track expresses Hariz’s sensitivity and similar to current chat toppers LAUV, Dean Lewis and Alec Benjamin shows he is very much in touch with his feelings. “Morning” will make you want to get out of bed and dance and is a must add to your favourite playlist. Chances are you could be hearing this song streaming on your favourite pop radio station.

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