May 15, 2019


Ouuu this is a delicious one my friends. Keelan Mak’s newest track ‘Warm- Blooded’ has me right in the feels. Playing with the very idea of duality there’s a natural push and pull to his writing. The groovy instrumentals, thought provoking lyrics along with his honey-dipped voice are enough to have anyone feeling warm blooded.

Keelan hails from Brisbane and claims that the art and culture of this fast-paced metropolis is what inspires his art. His career started in 2018 with the release of his debut single ‘Weigh you down’, which has ‘been added to major Spotify playlists, and receives massive support from national radio platforms, Triple J and Triple J Unearthed”.

‘Mak has been in the studio writing with some of of Australia and New Zealand’s top upcoming producers including Fossa Beats, Maribelle, and SACHI”.

Keelan Mak is a triple threat. As a singer, songwriter, and producer we’re expecting big things.

Check out ‘Warm- Blooded’ here:

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