April 10, 2019


Independent pop singer songwriter Savannah Sgro is back with her 3rd track ‘Moody.’ Savannah studied at the largest independent college of contemporary music in the world; Berklee College of Music in Boston. She grew up in Las Vegas, NV but after school packed up and moved to Music City Nashville where she has been living for 2 years. She released her first single “Phobia” in November and almost instantly gained attention with 800k streams on Youtube, Spotify and Apple Music. In January she released her second single “Love Me Like You Used To” and her third single ‘Moody’ is now out everywhere.

Savannah’s heartfelt lyrics in ‘Moody’ are very relatable. She describes the feeling of being in a relationship where you can be completely yourself and entirely accepted. She sings about the pains and struggles of mood swings and the ups and downs of life that so many of us are familiar with. Savannah’s vocals are soft and empathetic. Her voice soothes and calms you as she tells a story with her lyrics. ‘Moody’ shows Savannah’s raw vulnerability and is a song that listeners will connect to. With a catchy chorus you will be singing along after your first listen.

“I put it all on you, but you know that I don’t mean to.

Don’t know how you haven’t run off, you’re a saint you always stay calm

Even when I’m moody you know how to see through me

You’re so good to me,

When I start to lose me, yeah you know how to soothe me

You’re so good to me

Even when I’m down I know I can count on you to bring me back around

Baby you’re so good to me, even when I’m moody”

Keep an eye on what’s to come from this rapidly emerging artist.

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