April 16, 2019


You may recognize 24 year old Alex Holtti from Copenhagen, Denmark from his Vine and YouTube videos. He shared humorous content with a musical twist and earned millions of followers from the US and Europe more or less overnight.

His musical talents however may be his best kept secret. Alex describes himself as being both an introvert and extrovert who has always wanted to make music. Growing up in a musical family he developed his drumming abilities at an early age. Throughout his teenage years he began to sing, and in 2017 began writing and producing his own songs. Alex has spent a number of years focused on writing and producing his music and draws inspiration from artists such as Frank Ocean and early Usher records. Together with music collective Official Music he has just debuted his first single ‘Bad guy’ worldwide for the masses to enjoy.

Alex speaks about his first single;

“My dream is to touch people and hit where it hurts and where it feels good, and hopefully make a difference with my songs the way music has helped me. As long as people are listening and feel something. What you feel is not important, as long as it’s not anger or sickness of course… I want to touch those feelings”

Alex Holtti’s voice contains power and vulnerability. The soft rawness of his voice and his emotions shine through the lyrics of this song, while a stunning background beat makes this a track you will want to listen to on repeat ‘Bad Guy’ describes a complicated relationship where non-exclusivity becomes mixed emotions and one part ends up as a bad guy.

Alex describes the song as

“Kinda sad, but something you can also shake that sad ass to”

Alex’s lyrics are deep and you get a sense of his emotion throughout this song. Unlike Alex’s playful universe on his past internet platforms ‘Bad guy’ shows us the complexity of this artist through an honest and serious track. This song gives us all the feels.

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