April 29, 2019


San Francisco raised music producer, Callen released his new single “Silver & Gold”

During a recent US tour Callen saw Nashville’s pride for music and made an impulse move to the influential music city.

Drawing from the inspirations of Nashville, Callen’s sound is comfortably reminiscent of the late 80’s yet full of today’s production values. Incorporating wide reverberant soundscapes surrounding syncopated electronic & acoustic instruments. Fronted with lyrical themes of self-consciousness and awareness that give love & heartbreak a new angle for the listener.

Callen tells us:

“Silver & Gold is a song I wrote about my experience with perspective and change as a young adult. The song is about having an “aha” moment and realizing which things or people are more important to you in your life. For me, this song came from balancing; having a love life, building a career, and not neglecting my friends in the process.”

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