April 29, 2019


Formed in 2015, Glass Face is an Ontario- based dream pop trio consisting of Amelia Fraser, Cole Sefton, and Dylan King. Their debut single ‘Holland’ was featured on MTV’s Teen Wolf, making them one of the most Shazam-ed artists of that week. Later on during their first year together, “their cover of ‘Hotline Bling’ became the 5th most viral track on Spotify, creating a small pattern of success for the band.” Glass Face’s first EP ‘You are Nowhere’ is a sensational journey pieced together by three young Canadians who all bring a unique touch to collectively create something wonderful and different. After a 3 year hiatus, the band is getting ready to release their debut record in mid 2019.

‘I can’t let go’ is the newest single released by Glass Face. It tells a heartbreaking tale of breaking-up and the rollercoaster ride after losing a love. Amelia claims that “she tried to explore the different sides of the story and the different mind states one may experience through the mental chaos that can come with a break-up.”

Broken up into three sections we can feel the turmoil of emotions and maybe even relate a little to what is being displayed. With an equally complex and stunning video, this song truly takes the listener to another world.

In the first part of the video we see Amelia covered by a sheet in front of a coloured background, which explores the idea of being naked and stripped of colour after losing her love. As the two lovers long for each other, “she feels shame in how easily she ran back to him after all this time”.

During the second part we see her being painted the same colours as the backdrop she sits in front of, symbolizing her feelings of being misunderstood and isolated. She is literally disappearing into the background.

In the last part we see black painted hands grabbing at her chest and throat; covering her colourful body in black paint. Immediately the music becomes darker, deeper and more ominous. Self-doubt rears its ugly hands and a new wave of struggle can be seen before she reaches the conclusion that “I must not be good enough for you, and your love’s not good enough for me.”

Glass Face reaches an emotional depth like no other through this track and it’s equally engaging visuals. This minute taste of what’s to come has us hungry for more.

Check out Glass Face’s newest track and video ‘I can’t let go’ here:

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