April 29, 2019


Originating as an actor from Sweden, KEV has brought the sensibilities of theatre into the music world as a genre defying artist. KEV’s ability to use the medium of music a device for story telling and his own self expression, not only moves his listeners physically, but in deep emotional ways as well. His debut EP “Chapter X” led to massive airplay, and he has returned with his release: “Go On” which is at once personal and serious in its subject matter, while also being contagious to his listeners ears.

“Go On” begins deceptively slow and downcast. the lyrical content over top the lush 80’s instrumental backing track demonstrates KEV’s special place amongst his pop music contemporaries as a songwriter with a distinctive voice. The emotional wave takes a sudden turn from A slow Prince song to a bouncy disco style Daft Punk song with its chorus hook, leaving the listener with a message of hope at the end; and a melody that is sure to stick in their heads.

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