April 29, 2019


Today, we’ll be covering the underground club scene of the virtual world. There are many online social VR apps (including but not limited to VRChat, Rec Room, and Facebook Spaces), and multitudinous multiplayer experiences available, but I have yet to experience a more intriguing virtual nightclub. Attending events at this club feels like you just dropped acid and washed it down with a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. Here’s why.

There are three main things to do in TheWaveVR. You can enhance your home cave with the provided decorations (for example a sound reactive and perpetually undulating tentacle monster, or a tunnel of hovering cats), you can host parties at your cave (and attend parties hosted by others), or you can visit the interactive experiences made my some of the most technologically progressive artists of our time. As a bonus, there are also a ton of interesting interactive art installations scattered around the sprawling playa, and you can even buy/do drugs (but only with friends)! If you buy a drug and hand it to another player, you are both teleported into an even more psychedelic universe. You might have guitars for hands, transmogrify into a clown-angler fish, or maybe you’ll just be represented by a series of orbs. There’s no way to OD, so go wild. In many ways, this improves significantly on the typical real life club experience.

As for the artists, Imogen Heap has been an innovator for years, and after working on the magical Mi.Mu gloves, VR is a natural move for her. Her experience takes you inside a replica of her childhood home, and as you watch her perform (as a hologram, of course), you can interact with your fellow avatars. Imogen Heap’s emotional performance is realistically captured in three dimensions by DepthKit, which is an impressive step forward for the medium, but is virtual reality where realism flourishes? Perhaps not, which brings me to The Glitch Mob’s experience (made in collaboration with Strangeloop Studios). Their show is fully made of interactive animation & virtual sculpture, it is much more kaleidoscopic and dreamlike, and improves on the concert experience by allowing you to do things you could never ever do in real life (like fly on a bed into a rainbow of spiritual geometry). Both of these experiences repeat on a loop approximately every 20 minutes, so if you were late you can always catch up and go back to the beginning!

I would highly recommend attending a show at TheWaveVR the next time you get a chance to hop into an Oculus Rift or an HTC Vive (or hopefully an Oculus Quest this spring). Or, if you’re temporarily unable to access the appropriate technology, go to TheWaveXR.com, or check out DJ G Dub’s livestreams on Youtube! He’s my favourite resident DJ there, plus he has a sexy badass robot body, so his shows are certainly worth seeing. See y’all in the virtual world!

Photos by Dj G Dub.

The Wave VR’s home site:


Dj G Dub’s Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3opr5YDDLc2BW3xXIfpDAA

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