May 4, 2019


RL Grime emerged from the shadows as a New York teen with a love for making music, gaining viral status with his remixes of Chief Keef and Kanye West. His debut recording, VOID topped the charts as the number one electronic album, and since then his status has placed him on stage at the worlds biggest music festivals, Coachella and Lolapolooza.

Most recently, a short film by Arnaud Bresson has been made in conjunction with The RL Grime and Graves song: “Arcus.” The song and the film work in conjunction to evoke a discomforting, eerie atmosphere, while also not allowing the viewer to look away out of sheer fascination. The song is akin to a throwback 80s horror film soundtrack with a modern appeal. Beginning with a nightmarish wave of industrial noise, feeding into a slow unnerving melody line and then coupled with louder bass heavy twists all coloured with distant moans for vocal harmonies, the song penetrates into the shadows of ones mind body and soul.

The video compliments the disquieting soundscape with a freakish sort of magic Show taking place on a roof top in the heart of some decaying metropolis, replete with a contortionist, someone swallowing a sword, and a downright spooky cast of characters, all the while being filmed during the night.

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