May 7, 2019


Easy, breezy, beautiful beach boy Philip Brooks is a 21 year old, bleach- blonde, multi- instrumentalist songwriter who pours every ounce of his soul into his music and it’s production. Carefully crafting each instrumental element and lyric to convey his internal struggle with his mental health, derealisation and the difficulty they play on his everyday life.

Although Philip’s newest track ‘Spend Some Time Alone Inside My Head’ seems upbeat, it stems from a much darker place. Drifting between awake and dreaming, he brilliantly embodies his struggle with derealisation and connecting to reality. He seamlessly portrays this duality through the dream-like instrumentation and thought-provoking lyrics. “Describing the effort of breaking deep-rooted patterns and the inability to find help in other people’s advice, Philip finds that there is no simple solution to overcoming what’s making you feel less alive and more weary”. He is able though to find a sense of peace and solace within his music, hoping to share it with others so they may find it too.

Check out ‘Spend Some Time Alone Inside My Head’ here:

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