May 16, 2019


US-born, Canadian raised Laur Elle debuts her newest single, “Just So You Know”. It’s the Young & Brave artist’s fifth single following last August’s “Too Late”.

The haunting crescendo and powerful imagery on this track are a lot edgier than the singer’s past releases. However, the unfiltered and honest tone in the lyrics grips and empowers. Laur Elle doesn’t mince words with the refrain

“I want you to feel bad…When you come back looking for solace, I’ll be wearing my crown in the rain”.

You can feel her taking back power from a toxic relationship as she regains her voice. She’s proving, not only to herself, that’s she’s stronger than before.

“Just So You Know” is a little of a departure from her past, more subdued, singles showing a new side to Laur Elle’s talent. The Alberta singer has been in love with songwriting since she was an angsty teen writing poetry in high school and is now working on an upcoming EP.

Make sure to keep an eye out for further releases and hear the thoughts Laur Elle wants to share with the world.

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