May 16, 2019


SIGNALS composed of Brendan Brynes and Ian Vargo who are multi-instrumentalists who studied at the Berklee College of Music before moving to LA. They have spent the last decade recording, mixing and producing many major label and independent artists, while also composing music for films and nationally-running advertisements.

On March 22nd, 2019 they released their debut self-titled EP. Filled with infectious melodies, highly danceable rhythm sections, and densely layered synthesizers their album reflects 1980s pop music while showcasing slick, precisely crafted modern production.

Retro inspired track ‘Move It’ was released on their latest EP.

It displays prominent synthesizers, a steady drum background and soaring, multi-layered vocals. They have used an upbeat tempo with an 80s inspired feel paired with a chorus that is great to sing along too. ‘Move it’ is catchy and enjoyable and the song has been described as having “comically sensual lyrics that tell a story about a couple that want to escape being in public so they can perform a variety of sexual activities”

SIGNALS was recently voted Artist of the Month by the Deli Magazine LA. Additionally. ‘In the Middle of the Night’ also off their latest EP is features in a remix contest sponsored by iZotope and FabFilter, makers of award-winning music production software. Participant’s can enter their remixed song and the band will be choosing the top three submissions.

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