May 27, 2019


Clean by Twin Theory is the ultimate summer jam. Let’s break down some of the elements that make it so undeniably enjoyable:

Electronic music often falls into the trap of being static or flat due to the nature of the workflow, but this song completely evades that by utilizing impeccable panning, interesting vocal samples, and invigorating percussion. From the first second the drums kick in, they pan quickly from left to right to create the illusion of real space, and it feels like a massage for your eardrums. If you’re not listening to this song through high quality headphones, you’re not living life. The illusion of space is so expertly designed that it really feels like these synthetic sounds are coming from organic instruments, which is an extremely impressive feat to pull off. It requires a lot of time spent mixing and significant expertise, and it creates a great result for the listener, especially when it comes to the popping percussion!

The vocal samples are also very fun, and breathe life into the piece. They’re tonally diverse (formant shifting all over the place), expressive (utilizing pitch bends and hard rests to emulate real voices while being true to the genre), surprising, and non-repetitive! Twin Theory has also released two other singles in 2019, so hopefully that means they’re gearing up for an album or EP. I believe Twin Theory has a bright future in music, so check them out at the links below, and enjoy listening to their work all summer!

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