June 2, 2019


Bobby Love, the multi-talented GTA native has released a follow-up single to February’s “New Love” on his home label Physical Presents. “Why” features Olive B’s soulful vocal talent along with Bobby Love’s distinctive grooves. The pair have worked together on a number of projects already; the verse on “Why” is actually an unused verse from a previous collaboration. Their unique styles fuse together in such a seamless way, it’s no wonder new projects can be created from old fragments.

Bobby Love built a whole song entirely around Olive B’s striking vocal performance, bringing it to life with a flooring guitar chord progression that fuses an organic sound with the trademark electronic nature of his previous releases. The infectiously bright percussion, smooth guitars, and particular emotion of the verse will make you get lost in this track. Imagine playing “Why” as you take a ride down a road watching the sunset. It’s impossible to not tap your toes to the beat of this super groovy, housey tune.

They make a great team, but both Bobby Love and Olive B are fantastic musicians in their own rights. Olive B recently released a new album and Bobby Love has a lot more music on the way. Be sure to keep an eye on both for upcoming anthems.

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