June 12, 2019


Florida native PLS&TY is back at it again with his newest track “Motives” featuring legends GANZ and vocalist Nevve. Pairing with these two, PLS&TY released the tragically romantic and cinematic accompanying music video. Told through a gritty, vintage film style, the video’s narrative follows a young couple on a wild, adrenaline-inducing journey from riches to handcuffs, acting out their fates as a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde.

“The video is a playful twist on the song title, with each character having their own “motives”. Evidently, the two lead Bonnie & Clyde characters are on the run after a successful heist which has made them immensely wealthy. One police officer is now aiming for a grand bust, while the other officer’s motive is more villainous. Watch the video in full for a surprise at the end.” explains PLS&TY.

It is rare to capture the essence of a song in a music video but this one surprisedly captured my full attention.

With lyrics like,

“Wanna feel it allFeel the rush slipping up my wallsTry to taste the fallNot enough till I feel it all”

Did you notice who the officer is at the very end?

This song is emotional, soulful and beautiful. I’m excited to hear more from PLS&TY in the future.

Watch the video here:

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