June 12, 2019


Nuela Charles is gaining the attention of music fans all across North America. Borrowing from the likes of Adele, The twice Juno award nominee has been able to captivate wide audiences with her ability to compose deep, relatable songs that have the intensely emotional musical backing to captivate anyone who appreciates real, good music.

The newest release by Nuela Charles is titled “Long Way Down”. From the epic sounding anthemic drums, to the intense striking of piano chords, the song is immediately recognizable as a ballad that will hit deep inside it’s listeners. The song opens with the line:

“I’ve got a story I could tell you/ but it’s nothing like the fairytales they sell…”

Nuela makes it clear that she is not in the business of selling the same old cliche messages found in most pop music. Her music is lyrical and riveting in its ability to send a message and tell a story. The song is a fresh breath of reality in a music world that seems completely devoid of any realism, and coming from a woman who has had the success that Nuella has had, the song will humble the hearts of its listeners.

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