June 30, 2019


Meet FrankK from Stockholm, Sweden. She started singing at the age of six in the children’s choir at the local church. Her songwriting skills developed when she was 10, she translated her favorite songs from English to Swedish so that she could understand them. Later she borrowed a friend’s guitar that was never returned and inspired by the 90’s music she was finally able to com- pose her very first song with the help of that “borrowed” guitar. Today her music is inspired by Lana Del Rey, Kanye West and Charlie XCX.

FrankK’s new single “Cream” produced by BACALL, is all about not caring and staying young at heart.

“When I wrote ‘Cream’, I was deep in a depression. At the moment, the song gave me another perspective on what happiness can be. Like good memories, that can be a source of happiness” says FrankK.

This girl certainly has. a personality also adding,

“One of the memories that inspired me was one from when I was 16… I broke into a swimming pool with a couple of friends, twisted my knee, and got caught by the police. Lol.”

According to FrankK, this dreamy trap-poppy tune came to life “in the coldest studio on earth and in the coldest heart on earth”.

Inspired by feelings, her past and trap music, the songwriter and melody magician FrankK creates trap-poppy tracks with catchy hooks and spot-on lyrics. With an undeniable charisma, a colourful personality, and a logo consisting of a red rose, dripping with slime, FrankK wants to stand for being oneself to the fullest.

This melody has been stuck in my head for weeks. Her fun and playful tone is well controlled and memorable. Watch below!

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