June 30, 2019


Teddi Gold is the indie-pop sensation we need! The vibrant artist is jumping into the scene with her anthemic, bold, and dynamic sound. Teddi’s new single “Not Done Here Yet,” is buzzing with catchy melodies, bouncy production, and a message that hits home.

The burgeoning artist already won the attention of numerous tastemakers with the release of her debut single “Video Games.” This hot track has garnered praise from tastemakers like The 405, Dance-Charts, Going Solo, and more and has been added to Spotify’s Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds Poptronix playlists.

New single “Not Done Here Yet,” is an invigorating and inspiring song, starting off with a slow downtempo beat but quickly evolving into a swirling, dance-inducing track. Teddi’s distinctive take on pop music stems from a unique upbringing, which saw her spend her formative years on a remote island in the Caribbean. Isolated from mainstream culture, Teddi developed a strong sense of self, which now finds expression in her stunningly distinctive music.

The artwork is super innovative and engaging to match the songs energy too. I like Teddi because her whole package seems very carefully planned out. Her tone is so easy to listen to and the innovative production keeps you engaged every moment. The Caribbean influence blends into the future-pop sound very well for a seamless transition and blurred line where the two even meet.

Listen below!

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