June 30, 2019


Would you rather go adulting or throw dope parties and do hoodrat stuff with your friends? The talented, ragtag group of Bay Area buds behind Top Bunk, chose the latter. With their fearless leader and vocalist, Petro A.P. committed to staying weird, having fun, and creating music on the regular, Arieh Berl, Joey Orton, Ben Rose, Yianni AP, Symeon Tzvetkov and Shabnam Ferdowsi found themselves immersed in a modern-day artist collective. With a home base in Silver Lake, these musicians, producers, and visual artists come together to build undeniable, dance-worthy tracks that are as insightful as they are amusing. After one listen, you’ll be begging for an invite to their next house party.

“Figure it Out is our attempt at making a song that would fit nicely into the soundtrack for High Fidelity.” says Petro. “It’s about exploring old relationships, finding patterns, and ultimately deciding to relinquish control and just embrace the ride.”

The lo-fi vocals blend well with the fun almost 8-bit themed indie rock production. The second verse is sung in Greek-lead singer Petro’s native language. Summer is just around the corner and Top Bunk is leaving us with this light and fun tune to lose yourself to.

Petro explains, “This track is about that one friend you run to when some bad haircut in a leather jacket from Hinge hasn’t hit you back and you’ve just triple texted a ghost emoji with a question mark cuz you thought that made light of this desperately sad situation and now you’re on google flights trying to figure out just how far away from this hell hole of a town $300 will get you but then your friend slaps you the hell out of it. That’s what a good friend can do. Calm your ass down.”

The sense of humour of this band surely translates into their music not only in the lyrics but the playful sounds and melodies. Get hooked below.

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