July 3, 2019


I discovered Olive B through her Producer Bobby Love, who I went to high school with (yes, more Toronto talent). I heard a few things of them in the studio but it wasn’t enough to really paint a picture. From humble beginnings of living room karaoke, classically trained Olive B has transformed herself into one of Toronto’s exciting new voices in Indie-RnB with the release of her 2017 “no(w)here”EP, a prominent feature on Kayobe’s single “Sun Don’t Shine”, and her new single “always you”. She found her musical outlet while freestyling at college parties or alone over basic guitar chords.

Hailing from St. Catherines, but calling Toronto home, Olive uses her melodic voice and emotive lyrics to take fans on reflective, and often nostalgic journies through their past relationships and the pain and pleasures that accompany love. She draws inspiration from artists such as Sade, SZA, and Erykah Badu and mixes classic training with contemporary music, blurring the sounds of Electro-pop, RnB and hip hop to create her own unique sound.

“With or Without You” delivers Imogen-Heap influenced vocoder layers on the chorus with haunting layers that drive deep emotionally paired with the lyrical concept. It’s a simple production but in the best way; quality sounds and just the right amount of notes for the guitar melodies and bassline.

Have some extra olives with your caesar and drink, i mean listen, below.

#indiepop #oliveb #withorwithoutyou

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