July 10, 2019


Since his debut single “Low Low Low” released this year, the Scandinavian singer Aron Blom has managed to conquer the hearts of listeners worldwide. Blom first demonstrated his musical chops as a guitarist for one of Sweden’s most popular bands. Now, Blom is redefining himself as a musical tour de force, a singer, songwriter, and guitarist, single-handedly capturing the world with his musical gifts.

“King Kong” is Aron Blom’s big return to the music world following his successful debut: “Low Low Low.” The song tastefully maneuvers subtle techniques of looping guitar, vocals and a soft drumbeat while still maintaining a distinctive minimalism, allowing the deep emotion of Aron’s voice to take the central focus. The softness of the recording evokes a feeling of floating through the clouds, and Blom’s optimistic, uplifting lyrics makes this a perfect song to start, or end your day on a blissful note. The highlight would be the horn solo at the end syncing up with Blom’s refrain ” I will follow you”, demonstrating Blom’s ability to transcend the Indie/Pop genre into something sublime.

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