July 10, 2019


Los Angeles based musician Yoshi Flower, better known as Josh Smith, released live performances of ‘Dirty Water’ and ‘Validation’. These tracks showcase Smith in his truest and rawest form. We’re able to see where his musical interests of electronic dance music, hip-hop, and indie rock all meld together. This dude really reminds me of Jesse Rutherford from the nbhd, listen to Yoshi’s other stuff and you’ll see what i mean.

Yoshi Flower made his debut in early March of 2018 with his track ‘Movies’, which is an “electro-pop song that imagines his love interest as the star of his film”. During that same week Los Angeles’ Elohim released ‘Panic Attacks’ featuring Yoshi Flower; kicking off a string of dates in support of Elohim’s North American Tour.

“Before the end of the month, Smith released his follow-up solo single, ‘Just on Drugs.’ Another single, ‘Woke,’ and the maxi-single ‘Brown Paper Bag’ both led up to the October release of his debut mixtape”. Smith struck a deal with Interscope, making his debut in early 2019 with ‘In the Morning’ and ‘Dirty Water’, followed by ‘Validation’ in May, which is the lead single off his new album Peer Pressure.

Check out Yoshi Flower’s live performance of ‘Validation’ here:

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