July 11, 2019


Today we have Joel Ansett from Denver with some laid back Folk R&B. “Cadillac” is the second single from Joel’s upcoming sophomore album, set to release in the Fall of 2019. The production is very simple but incorporates raw, organic emotion translated through the use of real instruments. Layered with his buttery tone and floating melodies, the result is a song that’s easy to sing along to and chill to.

Joel reflects:

“The idea for this song started while sitting at a red light and singing over the rhythm of my turn signal. It turned into a beat with some mumble lyrics about the strong feeling of missing something and the subtle sadness of not knowing what that thing is. My cure for this feeling is endless distraction but I’m starting to realize that’s a highly short term solution, and ultimately a way to avoid dealing with myself. To capture all those thoughts and emotions, I tried to write lyrics that were vague and specific at the exact same time.”

This song took some creative genius to incorporate the car sounds as a background rhythm, listen closely and you’ll catch it. If you’re gonna be listening at a red light like Joel, also focus on the road though please.

Listen below

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