July 12, 2019


NOA, the pop singer-songwriter hailing from Toronto has been keeping herself busy for the past year creating vibrant melodies that represent emotional struggles, ranging from relationship talk to self-realization; all of which is very relatable. Her uplifting melodies have led her to working with Ryan Tedder, Scott Borchetta on CTV’s ‘The Launch’ and has even been featured in the Rolling Stone, Buzzfeed and E-talk.

But it doesn’t end there for NOA, at just 22 years old she’s already been selling out venues from The Drake in Toronto, to the Los Angeles Hotel Café and has grown a loyal fan base that has quickly grown to a loyal community that continues to follow her success.

After a year of songwriting in LA, and perfecting her vocals you could say that she is ready to take the music industry by storm. Her new single “Hypocritical” is a fun and lighthearted jam that will be stuck in your head for days with its catchy melodies, while also making you feel the emotion through her artistic vocals.

Listen below and be sure to visit the showcases she hosts in Toronto called “Writers from the Block”

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