July 18, 2019


The Toronto born singer/songwriter/dancer, Joël is bringing forth his own new breed of raw and angst-ridden R&B into the world. Joël made it clear that he was not your average, easy listening, relax into an armchair type of artist with his first release this past fall, VENT, which challenged listeners with an emotional outlook on racism and the despairs of a teenager trapped in suburbia..

Joël is back again this summer with his new release “Everything’s Cool.” From the opening seconds of the track, and as he has confirmed in interviews following the release, the song makes one thing clear- Everything is NOT cool. The song has a certain ferocity and claustrophobic element that once again conveys the deep seated anger of a young man in the suburbs, facing all kinds of emotional hardship. The song portrays the sound of the new genre that Joël has coined ‘Grunge Gospel’ which also is the title of his new project due out this August.

Based on what Joël has put out with this song, and what he’s done in the past, Grunge Gospel may be described as music that appeals to the emotional struggle of disenfranchised youth on the grunge side of the equation, while on the gospel side, facing the adversities of life with a strength and spirit to transcend and rise above the everyday struggles. Joël is a rare breed of a musician, one who seeks to not simply fit the mould, but to create his own.

Below are direct quotes from the artist,

“You know when you say it’s cool but it’s not really cool? That’s what this ting is… Coping with something you know your not okay with, staying in a relationship when the bad out weighs the good, smiling with a stranger when they walk by but inside you just wanna cry or punch a wall. I wrote this song in LA, reminiscing on shit that doesn’t really matter anymore.

I went on thinking about my parents relationship and the amount of people that go through shit behind closed doors on a day to day basis but when you see them everythings cool. I used to hide the pain and sweep my problems under the rug, but not anymore. As cliche as this sounds it’s ok not to be okay.. everyone goes through shit its how you get out’ve it what matters. We’re in it together.”

Listen below:

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