July 30, 2019


CHEC, is a electro-pop indie duo based out of LA, but home to Portland, Oregon. The duo is comprised of childhood best friends Elliot Cain, and Cooper Holzman. As you would expect, being close friends, they grew up with a mutual love for all things electronic, pop, and everything full of angsty emotion. Elliot, Vocalist & Songwriter, and Cooper, Producer have found the perfect blend of their mutual love for angsty alternative rock and electronic pop. As you can imagine, this is the perfect recipe for some emotionally driven and upbeat sounding music.

But, CHEC is not just your typical EDM artist. After eight years of working together, this duo has found a way to select each and every sound to create songs that are minimal yet melodic with every note being integral and sounding fresh.

This spring, CHEC released an EP with New Dawn Collective Label as well as three singles with BonFire Records which landed them on Spotify’s official New Indie & Alternative playlist. Most Recently, their newest single Fly was released this spring. Check it out below, you”ll find out that with it’s uplifting spirit and energetic drive, it should on repeat for days.


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