July 30, 2019


Montreal’s Matthew Chaim is captivating audiences with his genre bending songwriting style and unique vocal tone. In his teenage years he quickly grew to love the drums but it wasn’t until graduating from university and finding himself in a 9-to-5 finance job that he found his passion for writing music. Growing up listening to Coldplay, Nirvana and The Beatles and with current influences from Childish Gambino, Drake, Frank Ocean, Bon Iver, Radiohead and Tame Impala, Matthew has created a unique style all his own.

When asked about how he has grown and created this unique style he states:

‘I tend to fall in love with different artists as time goes on, and their work then slowly leaks subtle flavours and influence into mine. I’ve never gone into writing songs with the explicit intention of writing like anyone else, nor do I try and steer completely away from the artists I’m listening to and inspired by. I think when it comes from an honest place, your influences simply filter through your own unique point of view, and what you end of with is something altogether new. ‘

Matthew wrote and produced his first EP, Homemade through collaboration with close friends Noah Barer and Austin Tecks. This track introduced us to his emotional and soulful sound which continues to flourish as we watch this artist grow. The emotional atmosphere and warm vocals caught people’s attention and his sound continues to evolve into new and exciting territories.

Working with LA-based producer Rabitt (Kiiara, Charlotte Lawrence, Andy Grammar), Matthew has released his latest track ‘Sunflowers’. Matthew and Rabitt have created a collaboration that is producing great things from this artist.

‘Sunflowers was the result of that very first session, so we quickly felt a pretty synergetic collaboration growing. There is this quiet, patient quality to Rabitt’s writing style – especially at the start of a new idea – that creates this almost meditative environment for me to write in. I felt that from the get go, and Sunflowers is a great example of what we’re able to create under those conditions.’

‘Sunflowers’ is an emotional ode to the power of loss that was inspired by Matthew losing his father at 12 years old. Sunflowers being his fathers favourite flower inspired this latest track:

‘I’m not exactly sure what made Sunflowers my father’s favourite flowers. Perhaps it’s the colour. He was also famous amongst friends and family for these ridiculously yellow running shoes he’d always wear.

As Rabitt started building out the track that first day, I stepped out of the studio for a moment and into the adjacent main house. When I walked in I noticed a pot of sunflowers sitting on the window sill. That sparked my father’s memory, and what eventually became the whole theme of the song.’

‘Sunflowers’ is written as a conversation with his father and has lyrics that will tug on listeners heartstrings. His raw emotion shines through his velvety vocals as he expresses the helpless sadness of this loss. The gentle tone of the music portrays the innocence and sadness that Matthew felt, while the overlaying dramatic horns help listeners feel anger and pain and this is something many of us can relate to.

Matthew Chaim continues to evolve and develop his sound. Watch out for what’s to come from this artist and expect to hear more emotionally driven songs in the near future.

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