August 1, 2019


As the old saying goes, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” The multi-instrumentalist, Chord Overstreet is proving this statement to be correct with his newly blossoming music career. Being the son of the multi Grammy award winning Paul Overstreet may present big shoes to fill for Chord, but Chord seems to have no problem stepping up to the challenge. Following his successful acting stint on the show Glee, Chord signed onto Nick Jonas’s and Demi Lovato’s Safehouse Records, where he released his single “Hold On”.

To follow up his success on the charts with “Hold On” Overstreet has just come out with a release titled “On the Way” that is part of a full length studio album set to release in 2019. “On the way” blends subtle and spacey electronic and pop elements into a disco type of feel, as though Coldplay and Daft Punk gave birth to a child, and that child lived on the moon. The song stacks synthesizer and seemingly choral harmonies over Overstreet’s refrain “I’m on the way” that gives the song a vibe as though Overstreet himself is taking the listener on a voyage through space and time in an intergalactic party bus.

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