August 6, 2019


The melodies are too crazy on this for me not to post. Lombax describes this electronic package as “orchestra x trap” which is evident when you hear it’s epic nature. It’s just a plethora of beautifully layered synths and bass with energy and progression to keep you wondering when the next drop is and what sounds you’ll be bombarded with next.

What’s cool about an artist like this is, they can deliver this hard-knocking style loaded with energy from the gym or turning up but then if they choose to dial it down and still keep the sound quality intact, it could be blessed by vocalists as well for more structured and digestible music.

Lombax adds,

“Derived from my deep interest for orchestra (the many synched and harmonic sounds that make you feel “full” after listening like you would eating a big meal) and growing up/influenced by, Bay Area, California music – hip hop/rap/trap, I have meshed the two together, with a bit of a twist.”

Enjoy this trip below

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