September 10, 2019


BROTHER, the collaborative project between long-time, far-flung friends Peter Mol and Jason Zerbin, release their debut single ‘Porto Cristo’. Peter Mol, based in Canada, and Jason Zerbin, based in the UK, wrote ‘Porto Cristo’ from voice notes they sent each other across the Atlantic. The whole vibe of the song was inspired by the memory of floating in the sea, off the coast of Porto Cristo, near Majorca last summer.

BROTHER draw inspiration from innovation, beauty and vitality. Gathering ideas from their travels and connections. The two friends, Jason Zerbin and Peter Mol build upon their own histories to create a sound that is layered, rich and tempered. Writing from a unique perspective gives them freedom in their art that allows them to follow their own path and build upon their incredibly open and honest songwriting.

BROTHER’s ‘Porto Cristo’ captures the dichotomous feelings of happiness and peace with genuine summertime sadness. The themes of nostalgia, longing, regret, and uncertainty when looking back on past relationships contrast the dreamy, detached, reflective high register singing just like the sun that glitters off the surface of the deepest blue sea. The melancholy lyrics whimsically sang over a punchy, driving, indie track explore these conflicting emotions. The line “is there someone in your bed, something in your head, or was it something that I said?” sums up the experience of modern relationships.

From love to loss, from growth to regression, and even to unnameable unsettling feelings, BROTHER has made sure that genuine feelings and passion has gone into the production of their new music. “When things happen with us – we can walk right into our studios and put down what’s in our head,” explains Mol. BROTHER’s tunes are an ode to discovery and to the key arresting moments of life. The collection of songs that they are working on will capture your heart and mind simultaneously. It’s unpredictable and vulnerable, strident and sincere.

BROTHER’s debut single is perfect in every way. A nostalgic summery-day song that’s lush and dreamy, it might even inspire you to visit Porto Cristo for yourself.

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