September 19, 2019


We’ve been following Isaac for a while because he always delivers. This song stood out to me specifically because he’s trying a new sound on this one. It reminds me of a lot of Jesse Rutherford of the Neighbourhood, which is probably why I’m feeling it extra hard. That somewhat distorted vocal tone and minimal moody electric guitar and bass, i guess i’m a sucker for that combination. Now that I think about it, Isaac reminds me of the male Billie Eilish for their casual yet strong vocal presence and dark yet poppy themes.

New single “Ferrari” off the EP veers from Dunbar’s most recent “woman on the hills” with grungy guitars, a heavy hitting percussion, and distorted vocals. Its lulling melody builds into an anthemic chorus that embeds its way into your head while possessing a grimy quality that gives it a razor sharp edge.

The music video expounds on the woes of young adolescents as rumours get spread and high schoolers get caught up in the drama.

#indiepop #isaacdunbar #ferrari

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