October 8, 2019


UK’s Bekk Hlava is a sensational vocalist. Her velvety vocals are perfect for this smooth R&B gem of soothing piano chords, bass and wooden percussion rhythms. This joint was produced by Norman Batez and co-written with CK Jones Music, both producers based in Los Angeles. Recorded in Hawthorne, California at the Batez Hotel, the three were having a late night jam session when Batez played Bekk the soulful instrumental. She immediately started to freestyle over it before recording the melodies.

She tells us,

“The words, ‘give me that sweet berry wine’ came out and lots of soft and sultry melodies. Afterwards, with the help of good friend CK Jones, the rest of the lyrics were put together and we finished the song.This is a feel good, summertime song for anybody wanting to relax and reminisce about the good days. Perfect for a holiday playlist or even for something a little naughtier.

Part of my debut mixtape that will be released mid September, full of soulful, summer vibes.”

Born in Stoke on Trent, UK, Bekki Hlava is not just a small town girl; working with musicians all the way from London to Los Angeles. Aside from her Czech, Ugandan, English Mix and her 5ft11 height, she is not just known for her model look but for her velvety, hypnotic vocals. The Singer, Songwriter likes to take her audience on a journey through her mind and emotions, from careless and happy vibes to deep and lyrical songs that penetrate the soul.

‘My music is my truth and the more honest I am about my dreams, problems, desires, broken heart, happiness or whatever i’m going through, the more people I will be able to touch with it’.

Get lost in her beautiful vocal runs below,

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