October 8, 2019


Ezra Jordan is a Toronto singer/songwriter drawing from Modern Pop & R&B/Funk to create a fresh and soulful sound. “Independently, Ezra has accumulated over 3 Million Streams on Spotify, was a finalist on CTV’s The Launch (S1,E4) supported Dennis DeYoung from Styx on opening night at CNE: The Exhibition, and just recently performed at TD’s Green Room at The 2019 Juno’s Awards”.

Ezra was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by music. His parents Marc Jordan (Rod Stewart, Cher) and Amy Sky (Heart, Olivia-Newton John) ensured there was never a lack of musical artistry going around. He started off playing piano at the age of 4 and then learned the guitar and drums over time.

At the age of 18, Ezra suffered a life-threatening injury to his leg which took him 18 months to heal. During this time he was unable to play the piano so he turned to singing and songwriting to channel his artistry, “which led him to performing with Scott Helman as his keyboardist and back up vocalist”.

Ezra wrote the track ‘Is It Just Me’ based on a breakup he went through at the end of 2018. Although he claims he was amicable and mutual he couldn’t help but have all those feels that comes with it. Thinking about her was “inescapable, and he got the idea for this song during one those sleepless nights where I couldn’t get her out of his head”. He choose to melancholy lyrics with more upbeat music because “the situation he wrote the song about was such a mixed bag of emotions” and he wanted to portray that in the track.

He wanted the listener to know that they aren’t the only ones who experience those sleepless nights with someone on their mind.

Listen to the track here if you haven’t already:

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