October 9, 2019


Berlin-based producer Ben Esser releases first single in two years with “Stripes”. Created with New York based emawk and UK guitar wunderkind Beau Diako, “Stripes” is a seamless collaborative gem which perfectly encapsulates “raw moments of pure inspiration”.

With a raspy tone similar to. Rex Orange County, emawk paints raw and vulnerable images with his bouncy, unique singing style/melodies. He leaves a lot of room for the production to do it’s thing but still provides layered harmonies, skatting and lazy, relaxed vocal riffs.

Esser is cautious not to overcomplicate or overproduce the music, with “Stripes” touting a refreshing simplicity, coming in at just over 2 minutes of what some might call perfection. After his breakout debut single “Love You More”, the prolific producer took a backseat to his own project in order to help other artists hone their sound – resulting most notably in Noah Slee’s critically acclaimed debut album “Otherland” (Majestic Casual / Wondercore Island).

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