October 9, 2019


On the opening track, “Jheeze (Cosmic Love)”, Lauren Faith once again partners with Kaytranada, following from their collaboration on Lauren’s debut single “Just a Little”. “Jheeze” is driven by Lauren’s laid-back honeyed vocal combined with jazz leanings in the production. Sonically, the track mirrors the visual aesthetic of the EP’s artwork: old skool patterns, bold print, with the classic black & white portrait contrasting in the middle. A throwback hip-hop drum pattern and bouncing bassline riff reels the listener in until Lauren Faith is ready to ‘Blast Off!’. Lauren Faith’s breezy voice and the choir of backup singers really rocket “Jheeze” into the stratosphere. When the cosmic synth hits, you’re really in the cosmos.

“Jheeze” has the elements of a timeless gem. When you listen to it for the first time, it can take you away to a futuristic bop in the ’90s, it could be a 2000’s hit, it’s nearly 2020 and “Jheeze” stands out as a remarkable toe-tapper.

“I called my EP ‘Cosmic’, as I’m fascinated by outer space and how listening to music can make you feel like you’re on another planet. I want to invite the listener to close their eyes and transport themselves to somewhere deep in their imagination,” comments Lauren Faith.

Lauded as “Excellent” by Pitchfork, “Empowering” by Complex, and a “Good old future-forward pop bounce and alluring melodies to match” by EARMILK

Previous self-produced singles “D.M.T.” and “Searching” are also on the EP. Lauren Faith’s debut EP “Cosmic” creates a delicate balance between R&B, Soul and Jazz to hypnotic effect. “Cosmic” firmly positions the UK talent as an exciting young artist to watch.

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