October 24, 2019


That’s right, sometimes this blog doesn’t post Pop music. This experimental piece reminds me of early Shlohmo with its abstract sonic qualities ranging from sporadic percussion to reversed sound samples.

The ‘Ceiba’ EP and his recent Word is Bond soundtrack release, mark the long overdue return of Caural : a leftfeild alias that Chicago-born producer and multi-instrumentalist, Zachary Mastoon rode like a wild man throughout the 2000’s, then flipped off altogether roughly 10 years ago to reinvent himself as Boy King Islands and various guitar-led projects on his Prism92 label.

Caural’s illustrious track record includes his recording and touring involvements with Busdriver and acclaimed remixes for the likes of Dimlite, Diverse, Adventure Time and Take aka Sweatson Klank. His milesone albums – most particularly ‘Mirrors for Eyes’ – still stand as pre-emptive bids on the collectivized sound which later became widely known as the LA beat scene.

Caural’s newest material is the developed sound of an artist who is once again looking past the formulaic approaches of any of the established beat factions that have emerged since he last assumed his electronic alias.

Trip out below on this volcanic carpet ride through afro jazz, tribal percussion and tripped out cosmic electronica by avante guard innovator Caural:

#electronic #caural #sanzaeclipse

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