October 24, 2019


Today marks the release of “Gho$t Automatic” from Toronto duo AFTRPRTY. I first met these guys at a session in Kensington Market that we called “Stu Out Late” because the guys from Stay Out Late invited basically every dope they artist they knew and had them all in a room.

The ominous trap production features Sav’s robotic vocal melodies gliding before Taz takes on the second verse with a crisp rap delivery. We spoke to them both about the new single and what they’re all about.

How did you both start making music together?

TAZ: We met at a house party in Waterloo and really didn’t know that we were making music until we became friends. We started separately as a producer (Jay aka SaintLaurentSav) and a rapper (TAZ), then Jay started bringing a melodic trap singer vibe to the table which was when we created Aftrprty.

At what point did you realize it was music that you wanted to take seriously pursue?

JAY: It was really two points for us that we knew we had a future in music. I [Jay] started making music strictly producing for other artists. I ended up making a melodic trap song with my own vocals on it. When I sent it to TAZ, he immediately hit me back up and said we can make this into something. We ended up going to the studio together after that and had our first EP made within a couple of months, The Aftrprty Volume 1.

Take us through how you got the gig to open for Migos.

AFTRPRTY: After our first show, we had a promoter in the crowd that came up to us. He was big on having us open up for a couple of his upcoming shows, which included a Migos after party. We never would have imagined with no released tracks that we would be performing in front Migos, Murda Beatz and DJ Durell, let alone see them vibing to our music. Even after the show we were hanging and smoking with DJ Durell. To this day we still can’t believe that night happened for us.

Tell us more about the inspiration behind Ghost Automatic.

AFTRPRTY: We always party really hard for a couple of weekends and then end up ghosting the downtown Toronto nightlife scene into the studio for weeks on end. For Ghost Automatic, we wanted to convey the life that we are striving to live while celebrating our victories along the way.

What can we expect next from Aftrprty?

AFTRPRTY: We’re going to keep hustling and continue to put out new music and visuals. Merch is in the works too, so stay tuned for that.

Stream their new track below!

“Raging at the show then going ghost automatic”

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