November 1, 2019


Mothica’s raw, vulnerable songwriting intertwined amongst the eerie (halloween-appropriate timing!) pluck samples provide such a touching result. You can hear her struggle in each breathy harmony layer and each sultry piano chord.

The gloomy, alt-pop artist showcases her velvety voice in “NOW,” a stunning alt-pop jam. The heady track is intoxicating from start to finish, but the track takes charge when the chorus hits. Grungy and booming synths come to play while Mothica sings the poignant line, “Don’t get too close to me, you won’t like what you see.” It’s subtle and understated in a way that exceed the expectations of today’s alt-pop.

On the single Mothica says,

“NOW is a good introduction to my next era, because it started as a freestyle in the recording studio, so I didn’t think too hard about it. I didn’t write out lyrics beforehand, i just pulled from my subconscious and leftover phrases from the graveyard of past demos. ‘It’s not my fault, it’s my fight’ embodies what message I wanted to get across with my music. I was born with mental illness and I choose to battle it every day. For the first time, I felt compelled to write a full length project about my struggles and try to better myself in the process.”

“Mothica is where the music industry succeeds: someone who is independent of a mainstream label, creating music about personal experiences, and constantly ensuring ultimate authenticity in her work.” – Ones To Watch

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