November 18, 2019


Yes, it might be late on in the year but Violet LaVelle’s “Summer Love”, from September’s “Afraid To Say I Love You” is a bright, poppy bop about the complexity of confusing the love of summer with a summer love. From the unwound cassette cover art with hand-made mixtape vibe, ATSILY instantly sets itself apart from a lot of other recent music before even pressing play. Violet LaVelle invites you to step into her inner monologue by cleverly intertwining recorded voicemails with the distinct narrative she tells throughout the project.

Punchy from the first note, “Summer Love” is the climax of the unique project “Afraid To Say I Love You”. Listening to “Summer Love” by itself might make you question the opening “Joking!”, but in the context of the voicemails that come immediately before and after the third of five songs on the project, it makes sense. “Summer Love” marks a turning point in ATSILY by bringing together earlier uptempo vocal styles with more subdued drums and melody that foreshadow the upcoming tracks. Violet LaVelle’s silky voice is complemented by a timeless horn fanfare which gives “Summer Love” a classic vibe. As the song builds tension coming up the final chorus, the conflicting emotions come to a head and release into a dreamy, reflective fade into the next voicemail.

Violet LaVelle’s “Afraid To Say I Love You” may have passed under the radar, but it’s well worth checking out this distinct project from one of Nashville, Tennessee’s rising talents. And if you listen to “Summer Love” at the tail end of 2019, remember it’s always summer somewhere on Earth…

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