December 12, 2019


I’ve probably listened to “Cop Car” – Tomas Welding’s follow-up to his debut single, “Sideways” – about 500 times now. Each time it hits me like the very first time. “Cop Car” grows in lurches from the opening verse, the building drums, and a bassline that feels like it’s gripping and dragging down on the emotion that roars through in the vocals.

The lyrics paint a stirring narrative of being trapped between a rock and a hard place: If Tomas chooses to leave the comforts of his lover’s warm paradise he knows what is waiting for him is the unrelenting harshness that comes with chasing his big dreams. A difficult decision, which is being influenced by a strain in the relationship. Should he leave all of what was good and safe behind to get caught up in a wild pursuit? “At least we had a few…” Tomas laments. Powerful wordplay express his conflict. Tomas reminisces over the times spent together; going from “that’s a warm November” to “is that your favourite question” as he weighs the options before him. He won’t be forced into a choice, however. “If it all burns down… you were the last thing on my mind” he promises.

The visual pairing is incredible. The motif of being trapped in a comfortable, familiar place is revisited by meandering around the house. Blue and red lights persist throughout the duration of the video but it’s unclear as to whether they’re coming from inside or outside the house. The conflicting choice is overbearing and inescapable. A massive clock hangs behind Tomas with the hands stuck at 6. It’s not that he’s running out of time, it’s that time is static as he navigates his present decides his future.

Welding is a hyper-talented creator, making a name for Iceland. Originally a videographer, Tomas has expanded into music. And how that background shines through on the visuals for “Cop Car”, of course. With plenty of support and experience already, Tomas Welding is sure to make a name for himself in the coming months.

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