December 18, 2019


Take in this vocal control. I really her the BANKS influence in this girl. Stunning delivery and perfect eerie sounds to accompany it in a way that locks you in.

Faith Richards blends R&B with indie-pop elements, creating the passionate and fierce song, Bold. The song continues to build emotion and power to symbolize the bold characteristics she took on when falling in love for the first time. There’s something so freeing and grounding in the simple chorus line,

“Baby show me all that you are, ’cause tonight I’ll be yours, if you want it. You make me so bold.”

Faith moved frequently growing up (over 10 times before graduating high school). Her sound has most definitely evolved alongside her, with influences everywhere from 1950s jazz to Banks, Amy Winehouse and Sabrina Claudio.

SHe’ll be releasing a single every month in 2020 and we can’t wait for those.

Also, how is this song only at 3k streams??!

#indiepop #faithrichards #bold

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