December 18, 2019


This one has a spot on our “New Faces of Toronto” playlist as we’re no stranger to Julian Daniel, he even attended our networking showcase. With over 35k on Spotify, “Sad Boy” marks Julian’s fifth release of 2019.

September 28th he played at The Drake Underground for his E-Boy tour alongside Kyra Mastro and Tilsen. For those who don’t know, E-Boy is a type of sub-culture that is popular on social media AKA an internet boy. Usually found with pastel hair, chains and wearing dickies.

“I want to create music that makes people feel free. When you come to one of my shows we are a family and we don’t judge each other, let loose and have fun”, he said, adding that he puts attention on helping people and encouraging people to step out of there comfort zones and just have fun.

“My music is truly for people who just want to let loose and not think about tomorrow or the bad day that they had, Just live in the moment and have fun”

Working with Toronto producer and engineer, Adam from Pink Distortion Music, Julian has found his way in the music scene and we look forward to hear more from the budding youth.

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