December 23, 2019


Meet Askling, Denmark’s newest hopeful (and 18 years young) vocalist. “When it ends” is up close and personal, taking us to new corners of her field of expression as well as to the top and bottom of her vocal range. The production is slightly more urban with twists of R’n’B –perfect for the kind of blue theme of a lover who’s only capable of showing his love when it’s too late.

The production just has the hint of “trap” to make it that modern sound. The classic hi-hats but quiet and not ignorant and some nice beefy bass that’s not overdone.

Despite her young age, she has a catalog of streaming sucesses, radio play and a good deal of touring. Her previous single Liar got handpicked for BBC radio1s Best New Pop.

With her other songs around 400k on Spotify, we’re looking forward to more from the young talent.

#indiepop #askling #whenitends

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