December 23, 2019


The airy, robotic synth chords remind me of Francis and the Lights, certainly a custom designed sound. Matthew Chaim also delivers quirky, unique melodies and tones over “Departed” his latest single off “The Mathematics of Nature” album. Much of the inspiration for the record was captured during Chaim’s cross-country road trip from his hometown of Montreal to his new base in Los Angeles, CA. “Departed” sees Chaim grappling with leaving behind the comfort of his life in Canada, his job, his long-term relationship, and departing for the unknown.

The song is a great fusion of experimental, future bass and minimalism. The Francis comparison is paired with elements of Bon Iver as the hook comes from the somewhat abstract vocal tones layered in heavenly harmonies. It’s crazy to see how his sound has evolved from when we last blogged his song “Passion Soda” almost two years ago.

Chaim talks about the album;

The Mathematics of Nature is a conversation with myself, a conversation with my father, a conversation with someone I love,” Chaim writes of the record. “It is a meditation on the helpless nature of death, the healing nature of love, and the restless nature of our own minds. It is a creative collaboration between myself and my dearest friend Rabitt aka Jason Wu. It is a short LP, a long EP, a stream of consciousness, a hopeful expression of vulnerability and change. And it is meant to be completely and entirely yours. I love you. Thank you. Amen.”

Working closely with LA-based producer Rabitt, Matthew Chaim is gearing up to begin releasing his new phase of work.

Stream the 7-track album below.

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