December 23, 2019


The hook may seem simple but something about the way the vocal chops align with the chords sealed the deal for me. Of course Mila’s super cute vocal tone will draw you in right away and playful, futuristic production. With an enexpectedly low number of streams, we’re excited to watch her blossom.

Swedish-born, Sydney-based indie pop artist Mila Nile is back with her latest introspective and uplifting single, ‘Where Did The Time Go’ – an honest, raw reflection on living in limbo and finding gratitude in the things you have. Co-created with Nile’s long-term collaborator, producer Dave Hammer (Lime Cordiale, WASHINGTON, JEFFE), Where Did The Time Go drips with nostalgia as it delicately balances melancholy, optimism and acceptance.

Mila describes the track as “a song about daily pressures, fear of missing out and finding acceptance in where you are in life. In a world where every success story is right under your nose it’s easy to feel like your own accomplishments are insignificant. Like the years disappeared and you just couldn’t keep up.”

But Where Did the Time Go is also a celebration song. “It’s so important to look back at your life and remember that every part of it has helped shape you. At the end of the day I wouldn’t change it. For all of the people around you living seemingly perfect lives, they all have their own struggles. You can only truly understand yourself and live the life you’re living.”

That same sentiment is the inspiration for the song’s supporting music video, an intimate portrait of a man coming to grips with the life he’s lived and choosing to continue making the most of it.

Hot on the heels of her sophomore single, ‘Mislead Me’, with a run of shows set for December and a debut EP ready for release in early 2020, Mila Nile is a breakout artist on the edge of something exciting.

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