December 26, 2019


Noah North is a smooth dude. This vibe reminds me of earlier blackbear, pre-trap blackbear. It’s that silky guitar riff and bass with the more importantly; strong and upredictable melodies that actually have compelling lyrics.

I snooped to 2016 on his Spotify profile and saw he used to rap, will be interesting to see if he brings that back and tries both styles or combines them into sing-rapping. 2017 marks when he switched sides to the “guitarnb” vibe with “The Other Day” even though it still combines rap verses with a singing hook. Its funny, this is exactly how I switched my music career. Used to rap, then produced an EP with singing hooks and rap verses then eventually went full singing. But i do miss rapping and write in that style sometimes. Anyway enough about me.

Wait for the flow switchups, here’s the latest from Noah North. Listen to the rest of his catalogue to witness the versatility.

#indiepop #noahnorth #mine

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