December 26, 2019


John Splithoff has a voice I wouldn’t expect over this type of laidback pop. It almost has a tone beyond his years, like something i’d expect in a folk/country tune. But thats what grabbed my ear about this, it’s an interesting fusion. The background “aha” vocal sample also reminds me of Majid Jordan, especially with the four-on-the-floor drums.

“Touch me like you talk to me

Say everything you want to say

As the night turns into the day

Put your world on pause let me press play”

We’re taken on a visual journey throughout a night of partying and adventuring in the video with many characters along the way. Dripped in neon aesthetic, the visuals add a darker layer to the generally happy and light song.

On “Like You Talk To Me”, John comments,

“I wrote ‘Like You Talk to Me’ in the middle of winter in NYC while anticipating warmer weather. I felt the need to make something that would feel good to hear outdoors. Since the words describe a helpless, blissful feeling of being enamored by someone, I wanted the romantic lyrics and track to focus more on creating a mood rather than telling a specific story. Besides drums, I’m playing every instrument on the record and produced it out in LA with Aalias.”

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