December 31, 2019


Contrasting her previous release, “Xtra” — a song about self-love bordering on self-indulgence – greisun offers listeners a sultry, smouldering account of complicated love and sexuality with “yuh (fool).”

The track is crafted from themes of passion and apprehension laid over a moody and infectious bass groove that hints at the darkness of a toxic and parasitic lover reflected in the lyrics. greisun describes a twisted, fatal dance between her better judgment and the allure of a bad relationship she can never fully leave behind. Inevitably, she is stranded at the precipice of uncertainty and self-doubt:

“I’ve been breaking all my rules for yuh/ Now I don’t know what to do with yuh / I’m such a motherfuckin’ fool for yuh.”

In both this release and her artistic identity as a whole, greisun strikes a balance between ostensible opposites. Her name blends gray skies and the sunshine, just as she seeks to express complex emotions and experiences through a playful pop persona. Her career has also taken her from the east coast to the west; the 22-year-old chanteuse and producer grew up in New York, but currently resides in Los Angeles. Ever an individual, greisun strives to defy the industry’s expectations of her as a songwriter and a woman, and she will only accept success on her own terms.

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