January 8, 2020


Miesa has blessed us with a curious non-sequitur. “Disappear (Woo-Hoo)” opens like folk-pop with gang vocals forming around the classic syllable, “Hey!” A bright, bouncy chord progression on an acoustic guitar carries us through the next few bars. The first verse begins with the introduction of a drum machine hammering out a complex rhythm that lurches along at half-time, initially catching the listener off-guard. The interplay of that traditional R&B rhythmic styling and the straightforward, uncomplicated strumming of the guitar displays the breadth of Miesa’s eclectic musical background and her skillful blend of seemingly disparate genres is refreshingly creative.

As the song evolves, Miesa’s airy, ethereal voice bids adieu to an unsupportive, often absent lover. A consonant string section joins her on the choruses for melodic texture, and Miesa’s varied phrasing continues to hint at the diverse influences of this track. “Disappear (Woo-Hoo)” is a fascinating permutation of the contemporary pop zeitgeist.

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